Garlic is magical

Garlic. The prehistoric, multicultural and immortal garlic.

Added to its medicinal benefits, this pungent herbal plant is recognized for its amazing culinary properties.

Here is 3 reasons why garlic is magical:

1- It adds flavor to any dish, even the most tasteless ones. Throw in one clove of garlic only to a huge batch of bland and dull roasted zucchini. See the difference!

2- It goes with almost everything: soups, salads, meat, poultry, fish, dips, sauces, eggs… even cake! Really everything.

3- For those trying to lose weight, garlic burns your fat. Ok, no, I’m kidding. (Don’t you wish though?). However, if you add garlic to your food, the strong flavor will make you FEEL FULL FASTER. It has been proven, try it!

In summation, garlic is excellent. It has a bad reputation, the poor thing. But believe me, it is the best kept secret. Every good cook uses it, generously and frequently. So don’t be afraid of it.

Just keep your toothbrush nearby!

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