The fire is on!

Gas ranges vs. electrical ranges, the war still ranges on… I mean rages on. Personally, I prefer gas stoves. I… Continue reading »

Zucchini Omelet

Super easy and fast omelet. If your children are reluctant to eat their vegetables (like every other kid) it is… Continue reading »

Garlic is magical

Garlic. The prehistoric, multicultural and immortal garlic. Added to its medicinal benefits, this pungent herbal plant is recognized for its… Continue reading »

Vermicelli Rice

This is one of the most basic side dish recipes. It goes with almost everything: meat, fish, poultry, soups, multigrains…… Continue reading »

Under Pressure

Buy a good pressure cooker. It costs more, but the benefits are worth it: 1. It makes cooking much easier:… Continue reading »

Eating healthy

I found that the best way to get your kids used to eating healthy is by eating healthy yourself. Lead… Continue reading »

It all started when…

My oldest son came running from school asking for his favorite dish: chicken with rice! My husband walked in after… Continue reading »

Let’s talk food!

So I decided to talk food with the world! Let me introduce myself first. My name is Mimi and I’m… Continue reading »